The Huntington Station Community, from its founding in 1867
to its physical destruction through the Urban Renewal program
in the 1960's,to its ongoing Revitalization efforts.


Lectures are available through the Huntington Historical Society

The Historical Society offers a series of lectures on a variety of topics related to the history of Huntington.  Arrangements can be made to have these speakers attend your organization's meetings and speak on any of the following subjects.  The cost of this service is a donation to the Huntington Historical Society. For more information contact the Huntington Historical Society at 631 427 7045 or visit our website at

Lecture 1

Huntington Station 'The Rise and Fall of a Small Comunity'

Dr. Alfred V. Sforza

Lecture 2
Lecture 3
Lecture 4

Native Americans

Dr. Alfred V. Sforza









Portrait of a Small Town III
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